Zurriola Ruffled Halter Bikini

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 0 comments
The Zurriola bikini is one of my favorite designs. I made sure to have the design in color prints so it's still an attention grabber even if it's not that daring. This is the perfect design for women who doesn't want to show much skin on the bust area! 

With some shades on, this bikini can have a retro feel to it!

Fashion blogger Gillian wore this bikini as if it was a bandeau. It's up to you to play around with this! the back is gaterized so it's really secure when you run or play any beach activity.

Up close with the Zurriola Bikini
Also available in scarf print in 2 variations. Super limited, 1 per each size only (xs,s, and m)

Zurriola Bikini (SB007) P1500
Size available: XS, S, and M

To order click here

1st-2nd Photo: Model: Hanna De Los Reyes, Photography: Lance Raymundi
3rd-6th Photo: Gillian Uang


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