Colorful scarf print Monokini (Basque 1.2)

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I've been liking the scarf print since the start of the year. Again, I think I got influenced by Versace!ü If there's a print that caught the attention of many, this particular print was an attention grabber on the last bazaar that I've joined (Superb May 2012). This Basque 1.2 monokini was launched first there and since then a lot were inquiring about this. Luckily, there's still XS, and M size for this one! 
 If you want to stand out, this scarf print will surely do its job!
This has an "x" detail to coverup your problem areas!
Front view of the monokini
After or before swimming, why don't you wear this cover-up? It's sheer yet modest, a classy silhouette.

Basque 1.2 (SM003) P1600

*Color: Scarf Print in Red Blue Brown (photo) and Scarf Print in Pink Orange Black 
*Size: XS, S, M
*Removable bra pads

To order, click here:

Photographer: Inna Cristobal
Model/Styling: Hanna De Los Reyes


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