Marbella Cropped Cape

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Capes and elongated backs (long back polos and mullet skirts) are now becoming a norm. You see fashion trendsetters sporting this style in malls worn with chunky heels. Cesa thought of bringing this trend to the beach by using a super soft chiffon fabric, Marbella cropped top. It gives the wearer a sense of being covered yet it's still beach-y and fresh because of the chiffon fabric.
Blogger Arnie Villanueva in Marbella Cropped Top Cascading Blue
When styled for a casual look, the Marbella cropped top can be worn with a high-waist short and a pair of chunky wedges or heels.
Style contributor, Jireh De Jose in Marbella Cropped Top in Print
And to achieve a girl-next door look, wear the Marbella cropped top over a dress. Add some socks, heels, a quirky hat, or an embellished hand-bag to complete the look. Just be playful when stylingÜ!

Fashion student Guia Alevendia in Marbella Cropped Top Cascading Red

Marbella Cover-Up in Cascading Red (C001) P780.00

Shear cropped front with a cape like back effect. The color detail is pretty in descending tone from light tone on top and darker tone at the bottom

Sizes: S and M

Cascading Red
Cascading Blue
Green and Brown Abstract Print

1st Photo: Arnie Vilalnueva
Models: Guia Alvendia, Hanna De Los Reyes
Art Assistant: Jireh de Jose
Photographer: Inna Cristobal


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