About Cesa

CeSa was created by the drive for passion and imagination of Chaley Tiu, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila and School of Fashion & Arts who found her true calling in the world of fashion. CeSa as she likes to call her is an imaginative character created as the Alter Ego of what she soon discovered to be the inspiration for her fashion line. CeSa’s design aesthetic and motto is to create pieces that are organic, beautiful and embodies the bohemian personality of freedom and fluidity. CeSa’s main inspiration is that of nature and of the beauty of the Philippine islands.

CeSa’s debut was with a couple of swimwears and cover-ups during the Brasili 2012 fashion show in Rockwell. It was the success of Brasili that lead to the creation of the very first beach collection in April 2012. Around May 2012 she started working with her fellow SOFA classmates to help promote her line in a fashion editorial called “girls just wanna have fun”, it was during this promotion that she met Hanna delos Reyes, a fashion student and a freelance stylist who studied in St. Benilde. Hanna and Chaley instantly worked well as a team and have both exchanged thoughts, ideas and design concepts with one another.

It wasn’t too long when they both decided to collaborate in a made to order line called CeSa Designs. A sub-brand that caters to personally-made clothing that are made for the sole purpose of special events like weddings, cocktails, debuts, prom, or any other formal occasions. Conversely, it embodies the CeSa motto and focuses on more couture and tailored pieces that CeSa Beachwear doesn’t offer. Under Cesa designs is Cesa- ries, a line of made to order accessories. She and Hanna get their inspiration from their occasional beach trips --- the shapes of seashells, the sandy texture, and the cool breeze. They both interpret these seaside inspirations to luxe accessories for formal occasions.

The two are constantly working to build the brand and their love for fashion and caters to the needs of their clients. It is with such drive that led them to venture onto the world of men’s wear. In it, CeSa Men (C-Men) was born. The line caries mostly board shorts and shorts for both men and women that are designed by Hanna and Chaley.  With Cesa men (C-Men) we aim to create innovative and unique pieces for men of style, who shares the same love of the beach and to ultimately redefine the beachwear for men. CeSa Designs aims to be the leading online retailer of innovative fashion in South East Asia, with a fine sense of patriotism, CeSa is indeed a brand that is proudly Philippine made. It is with such endeavors that the powerhouse team aims to show their talents as fashion entrepreneurs and translate their ideas and vision into reality.

Meet the Team! 
Chaley Tiu is the founder and lead designer of Cesa. She is a management graduate who later pursued fashion design to find her niche. Her goal in life was always simple, and that is to create something worthwhile to call her own. Eventually, it was her natural tendencies to value her interests that cemented her goal. A simple appreciation for fashion, a god taste in beach culture, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The conceptual approach of combining the three is the heart and soul of her design.

Hanna De Los Reyes, a culinary graduate whose love for fashion design and styling was always inevitable. She eventually shifted her creative spirits to fashion and graduated in School of Fashion and the Arts in 2012. She is the lead designer of Cesaries, the luxe accessories line of Cesa and a partner in Cesa-Men, the men’s line of Cesa Beachwear. She always had an act and passion for designing for people even at a young age. It is her simple desire to work with people to create the perfect piece for them that is the drive of what she does.


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