How to wear your Leme Multiway Towel

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Planning to go island hoping or snorkeling but don't want to bring too much stuff with you? Then this is the solution, a towel and a dress in ONE! After swimming, fashionably wrap yourself in this Leme Towel Dress in different styles depending on your mood! Play it around, and who know's you might discover a new way of using this Leme towel dress. If you do, don't forget to share it here and you might have something in return! :)

For now, here are 3 different ways:
1.Cape (back detail)
   -For this style, the detail is all at the back
   -How: -Just wear the armhole loops normally
           -Put hairpin in the center back to have a gathered look
Cape style
Cape style front view
2.Criss-cross   -This style is the easiest to do, you dont need any extra pin(s) for this! 
     It also gives one the bare-back  or sexy-back look.
   -How: -Wear the right armhole to your left 
             -Wear the left armhole to your right
             -Add belt or tie your scarf to your waist for figure emphasis
Criss-cross front detail
Criss-cross back detail
  -This style gives emphasis on your shoulder and arms! 
  -If you nice arms and shoulder, then this is for  you.
  -How: -Wear the right armhole to your left 
              -Wrap the other side all around
              -Lengthen left armhole
              -Wear left armhole to your left arm

Asymmetric Style
Leme Towel Dress P780.00
*Cotton Jersey fabric
*Size: Free Size
*Colors: Peach (photo), Pink (to request), and Gray (to request)

To order, just fill this form

Photo credits:
Model: Hanna De Los Reyes
Processing: Chaley


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