Azeda Blazer Resort Suit (Sea of Garden)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 0 comments
The weather has been un-predictable lately so I decided to include a resort suit for the new collection. The coat has a petal-ish/curved lapel paired with this bright cheerful floral abstract print to achieve a feminine look for this oversized coat. I really didn't put buttons since it is meant to be worn open but if you like there's a 2 hooks for a semi-close look. Inside the coat, you'll find a secret pocket where you can put your little essentials like your lippy or a ballpen!

Cesa model, Regina Raymundo wears her Azeda tailored jacket with this black jeans and a white tunic to emphasize that layered look. 

I on the other hand wore this blazer with a victorian-ish lace turtle neck. I was meeting a lot of people that day and I want to keep my look professional but approachable so I just paired this blazer with denim jeans!

Azeda Blazer (C014) P1600.00
*When bought with the matching pants, the resort suit (blazer + high waist cropped pants (P1250.00) is just P2500.00)
*Colors: Sea of Garden, Bright Garden (both printed)
*Size: XS,S,and M. For Made to order, please email:

To order, just fill up the form here

1st-2nd Photo: Regina Raymundo


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