Styling101: 4 Looks with Canaria Island Low Back Dress

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Stylist and CeSa Ambassador Hanna De Los Reyes, teaches us how to wear the best-seller dress in 4 different looks! She always tells me to have fun when dressing up and I guess this is what she embodied when styling the Canaria Island Low Back Dress!

Look1: Sweet Beach-Babe
With this look, you just wear it over your swimwear! I suggest you wear a bright solid color if you want your swimwear to pop-out from the sheerness of your cover-up. On the other hand, wear a nude or classic swimwear underneath the cover-up if you want a subtle sheer effect.
Look1: Sweet Beach Babe 
Look2: London Calling
I called it london calling because whenever I see bows, it reminds of of British school uniforms.With just a long white polo, and a thin scarf, you can wear this canaria island sheer low back dress, you'll be corporate ready to take on the world!
Look2: London Calling 
Look3: Night-Out Gig
-Going to watch a concert or a night event where you have to look fashionable? Grab your Canaria Island Low Back Dress, bodycon, leather jacket and your killer heels! Leather is in trend right now and it will make your outfit be night-ready! aside from your leather jacket, another essential accessory is your killer heels! Your shoes will set the tone of how edgy or how fashionable you want to look, if you wanna turn heads, boots or heeled boots would be grunge perfect!
Look3: NIght-Out Gig
Look4: Whimsical in Cocktail
Hanna De Los Reyes, is known for her skirt tulle, she wears it to when she wants to have a whimsical effect. What she did for this look? she wore the canaria island low back dress and she tied the ribbon high to achieve an empire silhouette. Next, she wore the knee-length tulle to volumize the canaria island dress. Put some drama on the neck part by wearing a cropped vest/jacket or something formal. If you dont have a cropped formal statement vest/jacket then I suggest to pile up on neck accessories like layered pearls would be perfect! Last, don't forget your little bag/clutch and some heels and you are party ready!
Look4: Whimsical Cocktail
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Styling & Model: Hanna De Los Reyes


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