Galicia Bandeau Bikini

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Galicia Bandeau Bikini
One of my Favorite Buys from CeSa would definitely have to be this Galicia Bandeau Bikini. I Like it a lot because its perfect for sunbathing and for water sports activity. Most people who know me well know that I'm a watersports buff. I love any activity that gives me an excuse to wear a swimsuit:) Anyway, the cut of this bikini has a good support on the cup area for when you're playing beach sports such as volleyball and surfing. Problem with most bandeaus is that it tends to loosen up when you're moving around and you can secure the top portion when there's a heavy wave while you're surfing. Most of my bandeau experiences while surfing ends up bad but I tested the Galicia and I'm proud and happy to say that my top stayed on even during a bad wipe out!:) I also love this cause it comes in different stylish colors and my favorite polka-dotted pattern. It also has removable straps which is great for when you wanna tan without getting stripy tan marks. I love tanning but I don't like the strap marks you get when you tan. So for those of you who also hate the strap line marks when tanning the Galicia is the perfect bikini solver for those nasty strap tan lines:)

I also Love this bikini because you can even wear it as a bra for those moments when you run out of bras due to it being all in the wash (it happens). But seriously as I always say when you play with pieces always be creative, think out of the box and have fun with it:)

Galicia Bandeau Bikini (SB002) P1500
Bandeau bikini with matching bottoms. Neck straps are removable. Provides support for the bust and top is garterized. 

*Color: Polka dot (photo) (sold out), shiny navy blue (sold out), light pink, gray.
*Size: XS, S, M

Photography: Inna Cristobal
Models: Hanna De Los Reyes, Guia Alvendia, and Kim Mangrobang
Stylist: Hanna De Los Reyes, Guia Alvendia, and Jireh de Jose


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